About Nasty Women

Photo: Nolan Sage

Photo: Nolan Sage

Best Monday I’ve had all year!
I laughed until my ribs hurt.
Even my brother liked it!

We're Feeling Nasty.

Nasty Women is a group of 10 female improvisors from Vancouver B.C. It's like the Spice Girls teamed up with Janet Jackson and Hilary Clinton and then they talked about their butts in a very unladylike manner. We've trained individually with Blind Tiger Comedy, Vancouver TheatreSports, Instant Theatre, RapidFire Theatre, Bad Dog and the Upright Citizens Brigade, and performed far and wide as a collective: at the Del Close Improv Marathon in New York, the Upfront Theatre in Bellingham, WA, and at the Vancouver International Improv Festival. But our home-sweet-home is the stage at the iconic Biltmore Cabaret, telling hilarious true stories and performing fast-and-furious improv during our monthly show, always with the goal to make each other laugh. It's a woman-powered night of comedy that celebrates all the ways ladies can get fierce, weird, silly, gross, sharp and fired-up. Join us, won't you?


Meet The Cast

racquelle belmonte

Racquel Belmonte

Racquel Belmonte, “21 years old”, auditioning for the role of- wait, this isn’t an audition? Can I still show you my hands?

(Racquel is a sketch comedian, improviser, voice actor, baby enthusiast, and pasta lover. When she’s not performing with Nasty Women, she’s performing in her comedy duo Carmelahhh, with her Blind Tiger Comedy House Team Reynolds house team, or on her lonesome in cool shows across the city. In case you were wondering if Racquel has ever eaten 25 chicken nuggets in one sitting, the answer is yes and she would do it all over again ~*~nO rEgReTs*~*)


Carla Mah

Don't let that baby face, and chipmunk voice fool you into thinking she's a woodland creature...
Carla Mah is a fully-fledged human who just happens to gnaw on the patio furniture!

When Carla is outside of her burrow hidden away in the boonies, you can find her hustling and bustling all over Vancouver performing improv and sketch comedy almost every week. Whether it be mixing it up on her own, throwing it down with Nasty Women, combining her twin energies in comedy duo Carmelahhh, or doing flying kicks in Instant Theatre's improvised Kung Fu legend show, Fistful of Kicks! Nerdy by nature, young at heart, and always storing nuts in her cheeks...wait, what? Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @carmahdee.

Allie Entwhistle

Allie Entwistle

Allie is an improviser and sketch comedian from Kelowna, BC. She is one half of improv & sketch power-duo Brunch and the pride and joy of her mother’s heart. She played Shrek in her grade 6 play and hasn’t stopped talking about it since! She’s a contributor at Reductress and has recently performed at Edmonton’s Improvaganza, Toronto Sketchfest, Portland Sketchfest, and with VIIF’s International Ensemble. Find her on Instagram at @allieent or Twitter, also at @allieent

stacey mclachlan.jpg

Stacey McLachlan

Stacey enjoys bending time and space to make room for all of her favourite hobbies: making magazines as an award-winning editor and writer; co-producing Powerpoint-themed improv shows; getting lost in the eyes of fellow Nasty Woman Denea Campbell in their duo, Garbage Sisters; yukkin' it up with Blind Tiger's Reynolds house team; making questionable sketch comedy for local shows like Sidekicks and Hero Show; and incorporating wigs into these activities as much as possible. You might've seen her performing at the Del Close Improv Marathon or Montreal Sketchfest, or heard her MasterChef Junior-themed podcast, AfterChef Junior, or read her Bruce Springsteen blog, but you probably haven't seen her cook a healthy meal in four years. IMPRESSED? Check out staceymclachlan.com for more BRAG TIME.


Jenny Rubé

Jenny Rubé is an improvisor, actor, and writer based out of beautiful British Columbia. Like most people, you're probably thinking: "Wow! Who is this super cool bi-lingual Parisian diva?" Her last name duped ya! She's just a salt-of-the-earth gal from Edmonton.

This prairie gal performs regularly with Blind Tiger Comedy’s House Team Szyslak and guests on many local faves like Hero Show, Sidekicks, Mixtape and BloodFeud. She’s also graced international stages such as UCB Chelsea, UCB East Village, and Magnet Theatre in NYC, as well as at the Upfront Theatre alongside Ryan Stiles. However, out of all the shows and all the stages, her favourite of all is at the Biltmore Cabaret next to these incredibly talented women. Follow Jenny on Twitter and Instagram @jroo16


Denea Campbell

Denea is an improviser and sketch comedian hailing from the far east coast province New Brunswick (but full disclosure moved to Vancouver 20 years ago but insists it’s cool to say you’re from somewhere else). Aside from Nasty Women Comedy, Denea performs regularly with her better half Stacey McLachlan in their duo Garbage Sisters, and as a member of the Blind Tiger Comedy improv house team Doctor Cousins. She has performed at the Del Close Marathon in New York, Montreal Sketchfest, and Vancouver International Improv Festival. Her mom has never seen her do comedy but is happy she’s “keeping busy and out of trouble”.

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @deneacampbell but only snapchat if you want to get CRAZY! (jk snapchat is dead, RIP).

annalise stuart

Annalise Stuart

Annalise first started improv in New York training with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade. When she returned to Vancouver she continued to perform with Blind Tiger Comedy House Team and as 1/4 of Your Moms. This past year she has been fortunate enough to perform in the Seattle Festival Improv Theatre, Siren Theatre and Stumptown Improv Festival’s Improv Party, Del Close Marathon, Vancouver International Improv Fest and Improvaganza!


Ese Atawo

Ese Atawo is an Nigerian Canadian actor and comedian. Raised in Toronto, Ese began her love for live performance through local theatre companies and festivals (Canada’s largest ten-minute play festival, InspiraTO Festival; Vagina Monologues; A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and A Prayer ; Any One of Us). Alongside Ese’s involvement in theatre, she began studying improv through Second City Toronto where she completed all six levels as well as Second City’s Conservatory program. Ese relocated to Vancouver to expand her training in improv at Instant Theatre, eventually became a cast member and frequent player. Her involvement in improv has enabled her to be apart of a successful improv troupe called Your Moms as well as being involved in comedy events and festivals throughout Vancouver and abroad.

Kerry Donaldson

Kerri Donaldson

Kerri is an improviser, writer, sketch comedian, actor, and Simpsons connoisseur originally from Calgary but made her way to Vancouver 5 years ago after Googling “land of no winter please”. You can spot her around town performing in local shows such as Hero Show, Mixtape, Sidekicks as well as with her improv darlings Your Moms, as well as sketch/improv duo Brunch. Her improv/sketch has taken her to places like NYC, Austin, Portland, Toronto, Seattle, Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal. In her free time she enjoys being a twin. Just kidding. She has no free time. But she does have a twin. That’s accurate. And creepy (according to people who have seen them together). Follow her on Instagram: @kerri_d_away and Twitter: @kerrithatweight as well as Brunch: @brunchcomedyy


Rae Lynn Carson

Rae Lynn Carson was born and raised in the small hick town of Gibsons, B.C. It was there that she realized that she was the strangest one in the village. So they put her out to sea on the ferry of B.C., and she hasn't turned back! She has studied comedy at Annoyance Theatre in Chicago as well as VTSL and Blind Tiger here in Vancouver. She performs regularly with VTSL and The Fictionals as a main stage player. Rae Lynn also specializes in speaking high pitch to every doggo she meets. Her best quote yet is, " Laughter is the best medicine, unless it's to produce insulin because my diabetes is through the roof!"

You don't want to know where that lollipop has been.